Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mörk Borg

I think the creators of the wondrously metal Mörk Borg really want you to know how metal they actually are. That's a faint emboss on the spine. Between the letters of the book title it reads "Psalm VII" and has an inverted cross at the end. Pretty fuckin' metal.

One of the brilliant little bits of the book is the Calendar of Nechrubal on page 16. Here we find a page of psalms and some simple mechanics that dictate when the world will end, by random roll. When the seventh psalm is reached, the world dies and you are instructed to "burn the book".

I will be watching for YouTube videos in which people actually burn the book or throw knives at it (which you are also encouraged to do).

EDIT: This physical book is lovely and makes you want to just touch it over and over again. Just sayin'.

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