Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black Knight Character Class

The Black Knight! Darker than you.

Star Wizard Character Class

The Star Wizard!

To address confusion that was brought up when I posted this on G+: The Star Wizard is a full-blown Magic-User. They can do anything a M-U can do and have the same spell progression and access to the same spells. All the star-specific mojo is what makes them Star Wizards in particular...and explains their higher XP cost.

Sinewy Barbarian Class

What would the Chainmail Chick do without one of these guys running around in the same universe?

Another little piece of the growing Doomslakers world.

Chainmail Chick Character Class

First in a series of OSR style character classes is the Chainmail Chick.

These are all drawn on bristol with ink and brush and hand lettered (as if you couldn't tell). This is me channeling my high school self.

OSR Character Sheets

Here's a couple of OSR style character sheets I drew up. Probably have more coming down the pipe as well. Enjoy!

Return of the Mad Hermit

I did the cover for Pete Sphan's latest Whitebox One-shot adventure Return of the Mad Hermit. Check it out!

Monday, August 17, 2015