Saturday, June 18, 2022

Weird Tales NRA

This is really interesting. I never noticed that some issues of Weird Tales had an NRA logo. So I looked it up and I ran across this blog post where a woman had done the same thing a few years ago.

Long story short, it looks like the NRA being represented on Weird Tales is the National Recovery Administration, not the rifle people. This other NRA was an organization created during FDR's administration to help facilitate negotiations between workers and employers and to set prices and fair practices, and so forth. Ostensibly, an organization meant to mitigate the worst instincts of capitalism with relation to workers and bosses. Not exactly the kind of thing the rifle people are interested in.

This cover is from 1934. The NRA (not the gun one) was created in 1933. I don't know much more about it, I just found it very interesting. One of those "Well HUH" moments for me since I do love looking at Weird Tales covers but I never paid attention to this.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hunter Ravn

I did a few comic panels recently. Started out as a guide to my fantasy world of Yria. I have no idea where this is heading now.

The character Hunter Ravn was formerly Hunter Raven... but I left out the "e" on the inked version and didn't want to adjust digitally. So now he's officially Hunter Ravn. Maybe that's why I took the whole thing in a slightly different direction. Is this God of the North a frat dude?

Anyway, I've just been having fun with my old traditional art tools and these panels were an excuse to use them. Digital colors to follow...

Sunday, June 5, 2022


Here's a sketch and a monster block for Doomslakers B/X.


Armor Class: 5 [14]

No. Enc: 2d6

Hit Dice: 3 (14 hp)

Save: F3

Move: 50’

Morale: 9

Attacks: 1 x beak or kick

Treasure Type: Nil

Damage: 1d8 or 1d6

Alignment: Neutral

XP: 65

These tall creatures walk on long, thin legs, their bulbous eyes keeping constant watch for danger (they can only be surprised on a roll of 1 on 1d6). They navigate swamps and ponds and leap over small walls or obstacles with ease, even when carrying a rider. They will kick to defend themselves, reaching as far as a polearm. But once the threat is closer they will strike with their savage, sharp beak. If a beakadon scores a natural 20 on a beak attack, something on the target will be broken (helmet, shield, armor, weapon, etc.). In the case where the target has no items other than clothing, they will lose the use of a random limb for 1 day (roll 1d4 to determine).

Beakadons are easily trained to carry riders or gear and cost twice as much as a horse. Even wild beakadons can be quickly trained to carry a mount. But when attempting to ride one for the first time, the PC must make a Charisma check. If the check fails, the creature will attack the PC. This will continue until the check is made.

The meat of this animal is delicious and sweet. It is highly valued in regions where the creature is not native. But in lands where beakadons roam wild, it is considered to be bad luck to eat them.