Sunday, March 1, 2015

DCC #4.5

The B Team

As a spur-of-the-moment thing I ran a short DCC adventure funnel for some 0-level nobodies. I used a severely truncated version of Purple Sorcerer's Perils of the Sunken City, specifically Madazkan's dungeon. But instead of Madazkan, I used the War Wizard alluded to in Portal Under the Stars.

The PCs wake up in a dungeon, chains lying all around. Skeletons lying about. They remember being captured by the War Wizard to be used in sport. They do not remember falling asleep. And things look different...much time has passed. What happened?

Exploring the dungeon they battle chain-toting skeletons and eventually come into the chamber of Malloc. Razz Snagglesnatch the lizard man is pulled into the tree and ripped apart...blood satisfies Malloc and he offers his blessing. Only one PC refuses...Jera Syn's loyalties lie with other gods!

This was a very short crawl for 8 PCs. 5 characters made it out alive, thanks in part to some healing waters.

Fun times. Now we have some B-listers that might come into the main game as needed.

Also: I decided that gnomes of the city of Seapath (where this campaign is focused) take great pride in their pointy hats. Those with a hat: +1 to Luck. Those without a hat: -1 to Luck. One player refused the hat for his gnome...she ain't a team player and ain't wearing no stinking pointy hat!