Sunday, October 27, 2019

Dwarf Wants the Key

A random sketch. I like to think the dwarf is standing in the lap of this huge guy.

Leopard Women of Venus

I did some art for this DCC RPG-compatible game that's currently on Kickstarter, so please check it out! The previous version was for QUAGS (Quick Ass Game System). The setting is inspired artist Fletcher Hanks (1889-1976).

Kickstarter banner.

Here's a comic panel by Fletcher Hanks!

Some of my art for the book.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One... Still Alive!

Never hurts to promote your work now and then...

Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One is a re-organized, slightly re-mixed hardcover collection of the first four issues of my OSR-style RPG gaming zine Black Pudding. It's heavy on style and cartoony fantasy art with plenty of game-ready stuff like character classes, monsters, spellbooks, and ready-to-roll dungeons!

Hoard Horrors!
Whispering Vaults!
Sinewy Barbarians!
A Goblin!

With some nice contributions here-and-there from people such as Matt Hildebrand, Karl Stjernberg, Jayne Praxis, and Ed Heil!

The hardback book is a mere pittance at $18 and if you're cheap or you don't do paper then you can get a PDF for a trifle $6. You cannot fail in this adventure. But if you do, there's a random table to find out what the monster does with your ruined corpse.

Get yours while supplies last!

Front cover

Back cover

Monday, October 21, 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Supercalla Cover Art

As I said once or twice, I'm writing a Troika! space fantasy setting. At first it was to be called Zoa, which is kind of a larger broader title. Then I went with Hellion Cross, to focus on one little region. Then I shifted a bit and now it's a space highway called the Supercalla. Hellion Cross, being a large location on the highway, may get its own book later.

Anyhow... here's the cover art! I really loved drawing this one. It's one of those examples of an idea popping into your head fully formed and then falling down on the page without much effort. And I like that.

Friday, October 4, 2019


Pin-Up Devil Girl

A little classic pin-up action. Devil girls are the bomb.


For the upcoming Troika! setting, here is background 22...


Back on the Hawkmoon there is a battle cry: Beak and steel, talons and will! Where there is atmosphere, you soar on feathered wings. Where there is naught, the jetpack will do. The Shrew Parliament are out to kill you and you're out to kill them.

-Featherlite armor
-Arm canon (dmg as fusil)
-Dried mice snacks

2 Talons & Beak (dmg as small beast)
3 Fly
2 Pistol
1 Canon
2 Keen Vision 

Fly twice as fast and twice as far by doffing armor (takes 1 minute; 5 minutes to don).

Troika! Musings... How Much is Too Much?

I'm still working on a Troika! setting book in the sci-fantasy aesthetic (very fitting to the game!). I finished the d66 table of backgrounds several weeks ago - the meat of any good Troika! setting. But I've been tweaking it here and there. I've replaced a few as better ideas emerge. Sometimes though it's very hard to make a choice because now I'm down to the point where all of them are near and dear.

I guess I could do two d66 tables. Or just do another book after this one. My inclination is to keep it simple and short because I feel like that's the great strength of this game. You start with some seeds and see what grows. Too many seeds might be untenable.