Sunday, June 14, 2015

Owl Con Module Art

Andy Solberg writes killer Labyrinth Lord modules for Owl Con for the benefit of the Houston Food Bank and I have been doing the art for these products. I'm not sure how much I've shared before but here are the links and some pics. Great fun was had making these!

Strigid from OC1

Tytonid from OC1

Cover for OC1

Back Cover to OC2
Dam from OC2

Sunslug from OC2
Hobgoblin Cave from OC2

Cover for OC2

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Petty Gods

Here are some drawings I did for the massive Petty Gods book, a luscious tome of wondrous gods, demons, and monsters. I highly suggest grabbing this book as it is chock full of awesome and packed with great art from dozens of talented creators. Put together by Richard LeBlanc, Greg Gorgonmilk, and Matthew W. Schmeer compiling creations written by a host of OSR creators.

For Apar, petty god of misfortunate explosions:

For Gadfiel, petty god of spells gone awry:

For Haiah, petty god of judicious retreat:

And for the Cult of D'SnNey:

Enter the Hypercube!

This is the cover drawing I did for Dungeon Crawl Classics RC1: The Hypercube of Myt, a level 0 tournament adventure put together by Jim Wampler, Stephen Newton, and a host of DCC adventure writers of the highest order. This is the first thing I've done with an official DCC RPG logo on the cover. It was a great thrill to see it on display at Gary Con.

Here is the cover as presented on the Goodman Games website: