Sunday, August 26, 2018

Black Pudding #5

Gelatinized madness! Black Pudding #5 is alive and out in the world. Get it now, get dice, play games.

In this issue:

2 adventures
2 spellbooks
8 montsers
3 character classes
23 hirelings
a character sheet
random tables
part 1 of a multi part adventure setting

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ninja Character Class

For Black Pudding #5, it's a ninja class. I wanted them to be fast and stealthy, not combat machines. They are assassins with a particular shtick.

Like all classes in Black Pudding, this one assumes old school rules such as Labyrinth Lord will be used. The classes that appeared in the OSR Playbook in issue #4 are self-contained to those rules, they are not meant to be used with Labyrinth Lord. I might not have been clear about that up front but I kinda figured the context would be enough. Clever readers of BP are smart people, so I don't do much hand holding.

Also, this zine is all about whatever in the actual fuck I want to do at that moment. So that's why some pages are all hand written, other pages are all font-based, and other pages are a mix. It really is driven by the Muses and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Smoke bomb! I'm gone.

The Boatmen

The boatmen fiddle with the oar on choppy waters. They skitter and crank at one another. It's not really a language so much as a necessity. They are going somewhere and they aren't really good at it.