Saturday, July 22, 2023

Don't Ask Me, James Why Do Ya Cuss?!

It's a god damn undead.

I have these mental partitions in my social media posting. On my blog and Twitter I just say whatever I want, fuck it. But on Facebook I tend to dial it back a tiny bit and I try to be more broadly agreeable. I think this is because I have family who follow me on FB (at least a few).

But I do cuss like a sailor at a whorehouse and I do it because that's just how I am and because I don't want to cater to children. That last part is very important to me. I do not do stuff for kids. I don't want children browsing though a lot of my stuff, though I feel like it's mostly completely OK if it happens. It's just weird. Kids have tons of cool shit, they don't need me. And I need to be as unfiltered as I can possibly be.

In fact, I need to be more unfiltered and unhinged than I already am. Why the fuck would I even self-censor at all? I'm not famous, I don't make much money doing art, and I don't have much clout to lose. When no one is looking you can do what you want, creatively.

I actually need to loosen the fuck up.


  1. Hey JV, just dropping a few words of praise here on your latest post.

    I downloaded Intruders by Monkeys Paw Press today and recognized your handiwork immediately.

    Nice cover my dude! 👍

  2. FukN'A you need loosen up! or get even more TIGHT! You got the goods kid! Whatevah way you want to take this boat, We are in like flyn.