Saturday, October 26, 2019

Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One... Still Alive!

Never hurts to promote your work now and then...

Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol. One is a re-organized, slightly re-mixed hardcover collection of the first four issues of my OSR-style RPG gaming zine Black Pudding. It's heavy on style and cartoony fantasy art with plenty of game-ready stuff like character classes, monsters, spellbooks, and ready-to-roll dungeons!

Hoard Horrors!
Whispering Vaults!
Sinewy Barbarians!
A Goblin!

With some nice contributions here-and-there from people such as Matt Hildebrand, Karl Stjernberg, Jayne Praxis, and Ed Heil!

The hardback book is a mere pittance at $18 and if you're cheap or you don't do paper then you can get a PDF for a trifle $6. You cannot fail in this adventure. But if you do, there's a random table to find out what the monster does with your ruined corpse.

Get yours while supplies last!

Front cover

Back cover


  1. Going back for seconds on this one. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I've got the separate issues of BP, it's great. Will there be any more?

    1. I think yes. I have maybe 10-12 pages completed toward #6, but my energies have shifted elsewhere in the last few months. I'm working on commissions right now for various projects plus my Troika! setting book. At some point after that I'll certainly circle back to Black Pudding again.

  3. I just ran a one shot creature feature with a chainmail chick, Barbaribunny, and Summoner last night for my usual group. It went incredible, everyone had a great time. Absolutely love this book and your work. Can't wait for heavy Helping Vol. 2!

    1. Thanks... Sweet. I'm curious how the Summoner played. I haven't heard of anyone playing it.

    2. I wound up letting him have a book of monsters for him to pull from for his summons. It worked out really well, he mostly hung out from a safe distance while his wood golem swarm and tarantula handled his combat.

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