Saturday, March 21, 2020

10 Ways to Be a Better Lover: RPG Edition

One of the downsides of TTRPGs being so popular is that they are so god damn popular. All of a sudden you go to YouTube and there's a bazillion videos from young pups purporting to teach you how to be a better GM or better player, how to avoid rolling dice*, how to make your games less boring, etc. It's often like walking past the magazine rack and seeing Cosmo and GQ or whatever and being told you're too fat, too old, and you don't have enough sex.

I get a little cranky about it. And I shouldn't. Because let's be honest here, I'm a gamer***. I play RPGs. I make RPG books. It is a net good that lots of young people are getting into it. And they really do almost certainly have a lot of great ideas that I hadn't even considered before. I should be thankful for the wet-behind-the-ears punks.

So thank you, punks, for falling in love with this wonderful thing that I fell in love with when I was a wet-behind-the-ears hooligan.

*Seriously, though, you gotta stop with the whole "stop rolling dice" mantra. Fuck off and join a drama club**.

**Much love to drama club peeps out there. Keep it real.

***When I was a youth, "gamer" meant you played RPGs, at a table, with dice. It wasn't until these hoodlums came along with their digital games and stole the label that we lost that bastard. Now you gotta say "I'm into TTRPGs" - which makes people think you're talking about titty games. Even in an age where D&D is super duper popular, RPGs are the red-headed stepchildren of the gaming world.


  1. I never correlated TTRPGs with titty games. Until now. Damn you.

    1. Fun excursion: Google "titty games" at work.

    2. Tempting. Very tempting but I think I'll pass for now.