Monday, March 2, 2020

Brig and Wolf (Old Art X)

This one comes from the age of Pan-Gea, my mythic fantasy comic from the mid-2000s. I have so many memories of this time period, some good and some bad. This was my first professionally published comic book all of my own, published by a company and not by myself. So I was very proud of it. But I was also going through a ton of life changes - such as having our first kid. I crashed and burned, creatively, around 2004-2006.

This piece of art was from a moment when I felt like I was at my apex. Like I could do nothing any better, ever. Of course that's a silly way to think, but that's how our brains work, isn't it? We tell ourselves dumb things, bad things, lies, and junk to get by or to keep from reaching new levels of responsibility.