Saturday, February 8, 2020

Podcast: What Would the Smart Party Do?

I should post more about the podcasts I listen to. When my mom's condition really started to take a south turn back in November I started seeking out and gobbling up RPG podcasts. I guess I just needed to have an escape from reality and gaming has always been my safe place. I like listening to cool people talk shop about gaming. It's soothing to my soul.

So let me start off with an excellent British treat: What Would the Smart Party Do?

This podcast features two hosts named Baz and Gaz who bang on about RPGs. On the faux-spectrum between OSR and Story Games, these guys seem to fall in the middle, possibly leaning slightly OSR. But that's all a bunch of bullshit so ignore that I said it. They really have a soft spot for Call of Cthulhu (as do all British gamers) and also Savage Worlds. In fact, they did a really nice series on SW that helped me understand that game a bit, as I've never played it. I might actually buy a copy now.

But better than that, they did a super cool episode on Earthdawn! I remember when that game hit the shelves and I picked it up a million times just to flip through and see what it was about, but I never pulled the trigger and bought it until around 2005 or so when I picked up a battered and bruised junker copy at The Rusty Scabbard. Their coverage of this and other games is more than you get on most podcasts, but not so much that you choke on it. Some episodes, such as this one, clock in close to or more than an hour. After listening, you'll understand what the game is all about, how to make characters for it, and how the rules work in play. For the most part.

This podcast pairs well with Hobnobs.

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