Sunday, February 9, 2020

Podcast: The Grognard Files

Another British podcast I adore is The Grognard Files. I discovered it accidentally when they were on episode #3 or so and I've been addicted ever since. Listening to the first few episodes made me feel like I was in sitting in the bedroom with Dirk the Dice and Judge Blythy in the 1980s rolling dice and eating crisps. It's a proper podcast.

Each episode of this show feels like a long, slow, comfortable visit from old friends. And I'm from Kentucky, not Kent. I think it's because the hosts speak comfortably and naturally in soothing tones and because they break the show into various segments such as Open Box and Judge Blythy Rules so it's a bit like a variety show, but focused. They cover lots of old games but have a bias for Runequest and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Oh, and White Dwarf magazine... ever the White Dwarf.

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