Sunday, February 16, 2020

Black Pudding #6 is Alive!

I just dropped the new issue of Black Pudding on an unsuspecting population.

It's free to download if you want. Drop me a few bucks if you can and if you dig the work.

I will post about the print version at a later time.

What is that sme...OH CRAP!
ASIDE: I know it's Zine Quest month. And that's weird because I didn't time this for that reason at all. Everyone who knows me knows I named my imprint "random order" because that's kind of how I create things. Randomly.


  1. Alright!
    Glad its out at last, bought it. Have them all.

  2. Really enjoyed #6. With all of the classes and house rules you are very close to having your OSR game. I'd buy it.