Saturday, February 7, 2015

Frimmsreach Episode #40



Game Date: 01-12-15
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Our heroes stink! The foulness of nobberlochs is all over them. Standing in the small ice house with Aggi Migloden this fact quickly becomes overwhelming. They make their way toward Bjarn's to clean up and change clothes when sounds are heard to the north. Azmooth stealthily speeds into the darkness to investigate. Sparruu returns to Aggi and the children to watch over them.

As Argus and Frothgar stand in the night snow two arrows thump into the barbarian's back, bringing him to his knees! The arrows came from the south. The two take refuge behind the nearest house and soon the voice of Luud the hunter rings in the night.

"Gimme that sword, boy. It belongs to me. Drop it and walk away. Nobody has to die."

Argus, himself on the edge of death, disagrees. Somebody has to die.

Meanwhile Sparruu has discovered something in his pocket. The cleric's instincts light up. It is a gift from Miana Musina! She is not happy about being shut out by the dark goddess K'lixtra. A magic ring. Putting it on, he uses one of the ring's powers and calls up the illusion of a great red dragon to harrow Luud and his cronies.

Taking full advantage of this ruse Argus and Frothgar rush the hunter, who promptly drops to the ground and begs for his life. But to no avail. Argus ends the conflict with Haveroc, the sword Luud came to steal.

To the north Azmooth has discovered the sounds are that of Fjarlneski Itti and Uul Ulu, her sorcerous companion. They are traveling with the local hunter Falki, hunting orcs and giants.

The two groups join forces.

And Frimm, god of the north, speaks directly to Frothgar...filling the cleric with healing magic and power. Frothgar's touch restores his companions to health and vigor!

Soon they are joined by the spirits of dead dwarves...another gift from the gods! There stands Brickwallow Stormshot, Tankfellow Stormshot, Bruiser Barrackbomb, Boomer Earthcleaver, Zapper Earthcleaver, Shank Earthcleaver, Urfnozzle Doorbreaker, Nabby Doorbreaker, and even Silverchain.

Brickwallow, default leader of the dead dwarves, offers his axe on this dreadful night.

The gang of heroes, following the obvious trail left by marauding monsters, traverses the ice lake. But it is not to the island at its center that they go, but rather past it. On the far shore...where waits a gang of drokks to harass them.

Battle ensues and the dwarven spirits take lead, allowing the heroes to continue the journey into the darkness.

End of Episode #40

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