Saturday, February 7, 2015

Frimmsreach Episode #42



Game Date: 01-12-15
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Blood on the altar! A portal of unknown portent! And the wizard Blart on the stairs...what is going on in the Shrine? Where are the captive villagers? Is this THEIR blood?

And why is Blart acting so weird?

"A fine mess." he says. "Do you know how hard it is to summon a terror worm? I did all the rituals. But we're short by one piece on the list...the blood of a king. Or at least the descendant of one..."

With that, Fjarlneski the giant slayer whirls around and slices at Argus! His blood splatters into the pit...what treachery is this?? And is Argus the heir of a throne??

The retaliation is fierce. Uul Ulu, Fjarlneski's companion, is stunned as well. He is not on the side of evil after all.

A few sword swings and spells later and the two worm villains take their final plunge into the abyss, satisfied they have pleased their dark mistress...for the ground begins to shake and rumble! The stairs crack, the well portal swells...and out of it emerges the great black terror worm!

The heroes flee as the temple crumbles. But there is no where to go. And then they see it...the dwarven hammer Thrumbok! Churned up in the rubble, lying near the beast. Argus and Frothgar run to reclaim it. Meanwhile the others engage the monster.

Soon the hammer is in Frothgar's hands and he lands a mighty, mighty blow! The hammer's head, already cracked, shows another crack. The lore says the hammer was damaged when it was first used against the worm gods. Frothgar knows it has but a few blows left in it. He must make his strikes true.

Argus lends aid with the mighty Haverok and between the two combatants the terror worm takes much damage. From a distance Azmooth punctures the beast with her arrows. Sparruu, lacking other options, decides to become a gnomish hero and stab at the thing with is own sword. Uul Ulu strikes with his staff while Falki the hunter hurls a javelin.

Moments later the beast snatches Falki by its teeth, crushing the happless hunter!

Another thunderous strike from Frothgar crushes the middle of the monster. It begins to thrash about, rolling madly in its pain. And in this thrashing is caught the brave trickster cleric Sparruu, jungle gnome far from home! He is pulverized by the giant body and rejoins Miana Musina in his/her paradise.

Having no time for sorrow, the heroes redouble their efforts. Sword, staff, arrow, and hammer come to bear and Argus lays the finishing blow by cutting the monstrous thing in half.

The heroes gather the body of Sparruu and flee the temple by the way they came...

As the sun rises the remaining shattered townspeople of Frostmyr hold a ceremony to celebrate Winterturn and to celebrate the gnome who so recently aided them and paid the ultimate price. Frothgar speaks highly of Sparruu, invoking the names of Frimm and Miana Musina.

During the festivities Azmooth and Quilliam are not to be seen, something about "inventory" at Bjarns.

Argus displays an occasional tear for his friend trickling down his sinewy cheek. But Aggi Migloden the healer is quick to wipe them away.

And so ends the saga of the Shrine of Worms. Our adventurers can rest...for now.

End of Episode #42

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