Saturday, February 7, 2015

Frimmsreach Episode #41



Game Date: 01-19-15
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Down, down, once more into the darkness of the Shrine of Worms! A recent cave opening yawns. Nearby several trolls and giants are eating...perhaps dead villagers?

The heroes bypass this threat and head down into the hole. Down, down they go back into the Shrine, cleverly avoiding traps. But they are menaced by a small band of drow...evil little imps with illusion magic at their command. They strike a truce with the drow only be be betrayed by them moments later as the drow scream ahead to warn a team of orc guards.

Sparruu clocks one drow with a well-placed sling stone, followed by the most annoying gnome laughter imaginable.

The orcs prove no challenge as Uul Ulu puts them to sleep.

Inside the Shrine the adventurers encounter strange, stinking reptile men and discover that the well atop the Shrine is now some kind of swirling vortex...surrounded by fresh blood. Are they too late? Are the villagers all dead?

Turning away from the vortex they are met by old Blart, the wizard who lived near the village of Frostmyr. "A fine mess." he says.

End of Episode #41

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