Sunday, February 15, 2015

DCC #1

The new DCC campaign kicked off a few weeks ago. Started with 4 players, the crew from the Frimmsreach Labyrinth Lord campaign, each with 4 PCs of fabulous zero level.

In the first session the PCs awaken to find themselves caught in some sort of sticky, tough webbing inside a weird sphere composed mostly of tree branches and hides. Many bodies are strung up on the ceiling in a similar fashion. It appears to be some kind of storage area for live meat.

The captors are man-bats! And the monsters are engaged in a battle of their own against little metal men with strange blasting weapons.

Escape and investigation ensues. Poor Moloch the rutabega farmer was eaten by a flying worm before he could make his escape. And the exotic Xaius Fe, outlaw, was blasted by a man of metal's zapping spear.

The 2-hour session ended with the party being held by the men of metal.

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