Saturday, February 21, 2015

DCC #3

The party of newbs, having found their way into the war wizard's tomb, faced spear-throwing statues and a fire-spurting statue of the great wizard himself.

They discovered a room which appeared to be a workshop with piles of metal and wire and half-finished men of metal. Along the walls in 7 alcoves were colorful buttons...some flashing. Naturally some buttons were pressed. Soon a group of 3 metal men entered threateningly and cut down one of the PCs after a valiant battle. One lone hero named Calliope bested two of the robots on her own.

Enter: the Surgeon. This tall robot, named Sararug, was the war wizard's surgeon. He lead the PCs to his chamber and assured them that he would "transform their frail bodies into perfection". No one accepted his invitation to become immortal men of metal and the Surgeon grew angry. A very well placed spear by big-boned Wandius took the Surgeon down and Einstenius the sage discovered an alien weapon in Sasarug's possession. Could this device be usable?

Ammet, Aiken, Yosemite, and Harry all met their makers in this week's episode. Mostly by fire.

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