Friday, November 22, 2019


The Troika! setting book I'm working on, Supercalla, has a lot of sci-fantasy weapons and some of them bear the name "Rig". This name goes way, way back for me. It's just a name I slapped on a gun in a drawing years ago and it kinda stuck.

Weapon doodles.
This is part of how world-building works in my head. I get these little images and ideas over time and they build up a setting that is distinct (in my head, again) as an entity but not really very clear or detailed. Then when I start trying to develop the idea for an actual thing to be published I realize just how loose and nebulous these ideas are.

For example, what is "Rig"? It's the name on a laser gun. But that's about all I know. Based on how often it comes up in my sci-fantasy stuff, Rig seems to be a very popular brand of personal weaponry. So now I know a couple of things: Rig is a brand of weapons and it is very popular. Also, the style of Rig blasters is rounded and almost has a bit of steampunk vibes built into it.

Here's an example of an old, old drawing where Rig comes up.

First use of Rig in a drawing? Maybe. 2001ish.

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