Saturday, March 13, 2021


Spent much of today working on Hellion Cross, the new Troika! book. Here's the Aquabot background.


You were a simple mining bot crawling the ocean floors of Oceora until that weird coral started to grow in your head. Ever since then you've had dreams of... fun. Playing cards, driving fast ships, getting into fights. Not the sorts of things a respectable water bot should want to do. Yet here you are in this criminal dive, ready and willing to throw down.

-Deck of Sea Life Cards
-Robot Body (armour 2)
-Can of Oil

Advanced Skills:
1 Rifle
1 Swimming
1 Interface with Tech
2 Mining
2 Gambling

Special: You function underwater as easily as in the air, or in space, or in most other weird environments. You only need to power down and recharge once per week. If presented with a risky proposition, you must spend a Luck point to say no.

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