Sunday, February 17, 2019

G+ Warrior

G+ Warrior as character sheet. Because we should send this guy out like a champ.


Fighter, because that's what I drew. And G+ has been a fighter over the years.

Level 8 because G+ started 8 years ago. It's approaching name level, but will be cut short by about 3 months, thus the XP just shy of reaching level 9.

Stats were a bit random, but I figured if this is a PC that made it they would have some pretty decent ones. G+ has been awesome but not perfect, so it's strong, smart, and definitely tough. But not always wise or agile. What is really excels in, I think, is personality. Because we made it that way.

I rolled the hit points. Because that's what you do. As you can see, poor bastard is almost down and there are no healing potions in the inventory.

+1 sword and +1 shield of course.

Drink stain, natch.

Lots and lots of other ideas could have gone into this but it was just a fun thing I wanted to do. So here it be.

Share as you wish.

"I got 2 hp left and half a can of diet soda... Let's DO THIS."


  1. This has NOTHING to do with G+, but I couldn't figure out another way to bug you.... I recently stumbled across the (super cool) OwlCon modules... did OC4 and 5 ever get made?!? I MUST KNOW!

    1. No, the series stopped at #4. I'm not sure if Andy has any plans to further the saga. They were pretty cool, right?

    2. I really enjoyed them, some of the owl hybrid monsters were amazing and I thought the 'politics' of the underworld races were really well done.... shame they didn't do 4 and 5!