Sunday, February 24, 2019

Demodyn Character Class

Ah, Black Pudding. The zine you can eat with a fork. The hotly debated, much anticipated, Billboard Top 100 #69 debut pick! Yes, I am still working on issue #6. Off-and-on, here-and-there, when time, inspiration, and ability conspire to allow.

Here is another character class for the issue: the Demodyn, a little demon class. I sketched out the demodyn years ago in my sketchbook and they just sort of lived there, occasionally spitting fire at me until I did something with them.

On a side note... it's been a long ass time since I did comics. I was just thinking how much fun it could be to do a Black Pudding comic book. A fantasy romp wherein all the various character types, monsters, and NPCs of the zine appear. Yeah, that sounds SUPER cool. Main reason I'm not doing it (right now): comics are a lot of fucking work. I mean a lot of fucking work. You ever do comics? I did. I did a lot of them. For years. You spend weeks or months drawing 24 pages that people read in less than 10 minutes and then forget. Which is fine... it's fine, really. It's fine. But I think something kind of broke inside me back in 2010-2012 because I just fuckin' stopped doing comics at all.

Anyway... here's a B/X style character class for your demonic gaming needs. I wonder how these guys would play in S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth?


  1. Well, the point isn't to be remembered, it's to get paid for what you produced. Not that this makes anything easier, but I wouldn't give up hope.

    Maybe what you need to do is re-think what a comic is. One guy I know of who goes by the name Jolly Jack creates small half-sized pdf comics, 15 to 18 pages a piece, about four frames per page and sells them through lulu for a few bucks a piece. He also posts snippets of each online to try to drum up interest in it.

    I won't say they are the greatest things ever created and I have no idea how well he does financially, but he does keep creating them. Of course, his penchant for gratuitous T&A doesn't hurt either.

    Check it out sometime.

    1. Getting paid is fine, but it's not really my drive. I have a good day job. I'd RATHER be creating for a living, but that's a path I cannot walk right now. My family comes first, all else be damned.

      I used to post a ton of comics. For whatever reason, I kind of stopped doing them around 2011 and then dived into OSR gaming culture in 2012. I have always been keenly interested in gaming stuff, though. I was thinking just today... I NEVER read comics. I never buy them. I buy a lot of RPG stuff. I write and draw RPG stuff.

      But also... I have been writing and drawing comics pretty much nonstop since I was 10. I was into self-publishing comic zines starting in 1989 when I was 18. I'm still into that idea, I just haven't been DOING it for a little while.

      Maybe it is time to revisit my comics craft. My "business model" was always to draw the comics and post them for free, then sell print books and what-not. I figure the people who like my stuff the most will shell out a few $$ here and there and that's all I can really hope for.

      /meandering rant. Thanks for the link and the comment!

  2. I totally understand the pain of drawing comics...weeks of hard work to draw just a few pages. It's much more satisfying drawing illustrations for games, especially if getting paid is not our drive.