Monday, December 8, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #35



Game Date: 12-08-14
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Trapped in the tomb! Frothgar prays to Frimm for guidance and Frimm reveals that the tomb is riddled with deadly traps. Stairs and statues and doors...all trapped. This place was not built for guests.

Vek seems to be mad. He's reading the walls, muttering like an idiot about the "deep mother". Meanwhile Sparruu approaches two twin doors upon which are the faces of serpents. He holds up the serpentine statue head and lo and behold the doors react...the locks and traps seem to lower with a click.

Vek grins at this. "The children are free! See their beauty..." Azmooth, sick of Vek's inane ramblings, clocks him, knocking him out.

Beyond the doors Sparruu hears the grating sound of stone on stone and loud thumps...lids being removed from coffins? The doors open and out step emaciated, mummified snake men! They slither toward the party, hissing their disapproval at being disturbed. The battle ensues.

And it is a short one. The mummies seem weakened by time. Though Argus, bravely taking lead, takes a serious slash from a scimitar the team is able to put arrows and fire to the creatures, battering them down. Vek, seeing this, attacks the party, crying "Blasphemy!"

And so Vek must die. By fire. And in his final moments it is as if a veil is lifted and he returns to normal. "You must not open the..."

But he dies before finishing the sentence.

Searching the tombs reveals sarcophagi laden with treasures. Gold and silver rings and necklaces. And perhaps a cursed brooch.

And a secret door...which the wolf headed mace that Sparruu wields easily opens as if it were a key. Stairs leading down, down into darkness. But wait. The heroes shut the door. It is unwise to go deeper into this labyrinth at this point. Better to check the other doors that were not opened already. Trapped, they must find a way out!

Another door is checked and opened and reveals a room with 5 serpentine statues. The statues speak, asking the business of these intruders. "Do you have the key?" They ask. And indeed Frothgar produces the mace as a sign that he has the key. "Show us a sign. Slay your weakest member in the old way of the Deep Mother."

Sparruu, remembering how Vek raised his brother from the dead with the magic dagger, raises Vek. The animated demon slayer does as Sparruu wishes and poses as a helpless victim as the party slays him before the snake statues. A foul scene, but perhaps necessary to pass the guards without a fight.

A secret door is revealed and the party enters yet another tomb bearing a sarcophagus. But as they hesitate the snake statues realize they are being fooled. They close in to attack! Sparruu lets the door slam shut...

Now our heroes are sealed in a tomb within a tomb in a room with a rich sarcophagus and their only way out is through a room with five serpentine guards.

The life of an adventurer is never dull.

End Episode #35

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