Monday, December 1, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #32



Game Date: 11-17-14
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth
Supporting Cast: Quilliam

Camping out next to Blart’s place the crew are surprised to meet 4 strangers upon the morning. Fjarlneski Itti is a giant-slayer. Her traveling companions are the demon-hunting brothers Lim, Lor, and Vek. Over a breakfast of gariboo steaks they discuss the happenings in the area, with Fjarlneski commenting that she has spotted or killed many more orcs and giants than would normally be encountered.

The brothers are immediately transfixed by the group’s story about the Shrine of Worms and offer to go down with them. Though grim and mirthless, their assistance as experienced demon hunters is welcomed.

But other matters must be attended to before a descent into darkness. Frothgar and the grim brothers head back to Frostmyr where he will meet with General Ktrakster and the brothers will attempt to hunt and destroy the dreaded spectre haunting Bjarn’s place. Meanwhile the others hoof it to Frimmsreach where they purchase needed goods, wanted goods, and slaves. The slaves, purchased with the majority of Bjarn’s riches, are then set free! Sparruu, holy gnome of Miana Musina, believing the treasure to have been cursed anyway, has pulled a fast one on the slavers and given 37 people their freedom.

While some slaves immediately rush off to make their way back home some agree to come to Frostmyr and perhaps join that community, helping to rebuild and repopulate the devastated town. Higgi, default headman of Frostmyr, is very pleased.

In Bjarn’s place things look a bit grim for the grim brothers. Lor is found dead and the sounds of battle emanate from below, in the cellar.

Sparruu flings open the door to be met with the full force of the nobberloch’s stench! While he yaks heartily, Quilliam casts light on a spear tip and Argus plunges in. Let’s hope the 10 gp spent on nose plugs in Frimmsreach was well spent…

End of #32

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