Monday, December 1, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #34



Game Date: 12-01-14
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

The door is ancient and sealed shut by time. Peering at it, Vek suddenly notices faint traces of letters...the door has writing on it! The script, he says, is tong tet, one of the necromantic languages. He cannot read it...but his dead brother Lor can.

Pulling out his brother's black and silver dagger he cuts his palm, dripping blood on the burnt body and calling forth his brother's spirit. The body jerks to life, walking like a zombie.

What is with this Vek??

The corpse of Lor stands before the door and whispers in an ancient tongue the writing he sees there. Vek works it out, mouthing the words:

Oblivion is the warmth we crave
Beyond this door is our grave
We cease our wicked ways
Until again the light of day
We are lost children

Vek commands his brother to then rip open the doors. He does, and a spray of black needles pepper his burnt corpse. "You are free now, my brother." Vek whispers, turning his brother's body to ash.

Inside is a long corridor flanked by statues of snake men. Cautiously they are checked and found to be trapped by Sparruu's prayers to Miana Musina. But how are the traps sprang? Azmooth whips out a boomerang and throws it down the corridor. All the snakes lower their swords and shoot black needles fruitlessly! Ancient traps. Mechanical in nature, requiring to be reset by hand.

The blue gemstone eyes are pilfered from the heads of the statues. The last one has red eyes. After knocking off its head Frothgar attempts to pry the eyes loose...and a beam of scorching light sears his hands!

An idea...he holds the severed head forward and pokes at the eyes...beams of read shoot forth. Is this a new ranged weapon? We shall see.

Further into the tomb they go. Vek makes cryptic comments about the "lost children".

"Long ago a king's sons went missing and he offered a great reward for their return. But no one could find them. They are the lost children."

Sounds legit.

Sparruu's miracle of trap-seeing lasts a few moments longer and they see that the place is riddled with traps. It will be slow going.

Along some of the walls are murals depicting the evil of vile monsters. One of them seems to depict the Shrine of Worms! Could all of this be connected?

After using a long pole to acquire a wolf-headed mace, which only Frothgar was able to wield without electric shock, they notice the stench of nobberlochs approaching. Azmooth sees them entering. Then a woman in red and black robes commands them to seal the doors. Two arrows fly from Azmooth's bow and one of the finds purchase in the female before the doors slam shut, sealing them in the tomb...

End of #34

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