Monday, December 1, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #33



Game Date: 11-24-14
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth
Supporting Cast: Quilliam

Once more into the cellar! Our heroes dive into that dank place upon hearing the demon-slaying brothers in peril. But poor Quilliam has taken too much abuse at the hands of spectres and nobblerlochs, he cannot proceed and must stay behind. Not to worry, Sparruu the intrepid gnome forges ahead.

Below in the cellar Argus and Azmooth proceed through the broken wall to aid Vek and Lor in their battle with the stinking nobberlochs. Frothgar arrives soon and the battle is joined.

What’s going on with these foul beasts? Their flesh is soft and weak, their attacks weak and pathetic. They fall like wheat under the scythe. But poor Lor…his neck riddled with wormy holes…undulating…pulsating…burning! Could it be that the bite of a nobberloch infects you with their disease?!

The tunnel outside Bjarn’s cellar leads down through a shaft to a dead end where a slew of nobberlochs works tirelessly to uncover some ancient door. The heroes make a stand at a collapsed wall, picking off the nobberlochs one at a time through the bottleneck. Arrows, spiritual hammers, and stones decimate 30 of the monstrous stinkers until they are no more.

Azmooth, barely escaping the bite of a nobberloch, notices the worms crawling from Lor’s neck. Time to act! Sparruu burns the neck, hoping to cure him. But the result is the death of the demon slayer. And yet the thing in his neck still wriggles. Azmooth “accidentally” sets the body aflame, raising the ire of Vek. This hurt will not go away soon.

But the door…the ancient door is mostly uncovered. Argus and Azmooth finish the work while Sparruu checks the door’s integrity…and trappiness.

End of Episode #33

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