Friday, July 4, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #13


Game Date: 06-30-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Frothgar
Supporting Cast: Argus, Quilliam

Plans are discussed. Is the monster sensitive to smell? Sounds? Does it breathe? No one really knows and the izzuri do not seem to know much either. But Zoom and his buddy Cracker (who has the ability to make firecracker noises) decide to lend a hand by leading the team to the location through the painfully cramped izzuri tunnels.

When they finally draw close to the lair of the tentacle beast Gul’Daryh steals ahead using the sounds of a lit torch to sing his Firesong and lull the creature into a trance. They are uncertain what affect this has so Sparruu and Skat sneak into the chamber of the seemingly-sleeping monster and peer into the holes in its rocky pillar home. Inside sits the potato-looking thing, peacefully asleep.

The strike of a spear and dagger riles it up from slumber and the melee is on! Frothgar, drawing on Frimm’s hatred for all manner of creepy monsters, strikes fear into the beast and it withdraws its tentacles. The heroes stab and poke, failing to land significant blows due to the rocky protection the monster possesses. But Gul’Daryh downs a potion that grants the wizard-bowmaster the strength of a giant! Taking up Frothgar’s hammer he pummels at the stone pillar, cracking it open.

Argus plunges in, axe-first, and reduces the monster to pulp in a frenzy of barbaric blows.

The beast is dead! And inside its lair the gang finds some gold, a brass unicorn, a sword, and a scroll case with a clever needle trap…inside which is a scroll of magic spells.

The izzuri warns the team of the mouthy mowgar, sinister dark monsters lurking nearby who also fear the longotha. They go forward past the lair and to the edge of an underground cliff to investigate the mowgar’s fascination with the area. Jutting out from the cliff 30’ down is a sword…and a partial skeletal knight clinging to it. Gul’Daryh is lowered by Argus and pulls the sword from the wall with his heightened strength.

A winged helm, which Argus dons. A bastard sword bearing the inscription “Blade of Orinth, Slayer of Evil". A pair of thick gloves that seem to grant strength. And a shirt of mail. All of this taken as the intrepid heroes catch their breath after defeating the longotha.

End of Episode #13

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