Friday, July 18, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #15


Game Date: 07-15-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Frothgar
Supporting Cast: Argus, Quilliam

The cyclopean orcs approach…a well-laid illusion disguises the sinister cave pool…our heroes lie in wait.

Two one-eyed orcs approach the bait. Seeing the girl lying on the ground they cannot help but approach. Screams of fear and agony as they fall into the pool and are immediately turned into lunch by whatever evil lurks beneath.

The illusion is broken, the orcs turn to regroup. The party presses its advantage. Frothgar calls upon his fallen dwarven brethren of days gone by and summons two fighting dwarf spirits to join the cause. With Frothgar and Argus leading the assault they push through the narrow passage, wading into the orc’s front line. Orcs go down to the left and to the right.

Behind the front line is a group of nine hostage dwarves headed for the slave blocks. Behind them are more orcs, orc champions, a sinister-looking orc shaman, and the dreaded ganguth lurking at the rear.

The battle is short, our heroes are in force. Qillium the wizard, perhaps urged by necessity, casts a brilliant, sun-like light upon the axe of Argus, temporarily blinding the enemies (and Sparruu). Those one-eyes can’t seem to take the brilliant light.

Just as the orc shaman is about to weave his magic Skat hurls a well-placed dagger, thumping the orc to the ground. Soon the dwarves are freed and join the fray. The orcs are routed and what remains of them flee the scene. The heroes take on the ganguth, its malicious eyes focused on those enemies it has fought before: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, and Argus.

Axes and swords slash at the beast but it seems to heal nearly as fast as it is hurt. Overwhelmed by numbers, the creature runs, slashing Sparruu out of its way and nearly killing the gnome. The thing vanishes, as it did before.

But Frothgar calls on Frimm to point him to evil and discovers the monster is not gone…just invisible, and running away!

Do the heroes have it left in them to pursue or must they call the battle finished?

End of Episode #15

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