Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #14


Game Date: 07-07-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Frothgar
Supporting Cast: Argus, Quilliam

With the longotha threat ended and the izzuri quite happy about it the team prepares to go after the cyclopean orc slavers. The izzuri tunnels, they are told, can lead them ahead and in front of the orcs. But there’s a catch. The tunnels are izzuri-sized…very small! The team would not make good time hunched over and crawling.

Solution: the izzuri wizard can transform them into izzuri for a short time. With some creative sales-pitching to Argus by Sparruu, they decide this is the best plan. The magic is wrought, the party becomes 2’ lizards. Their clothes and gear disappear into the void (or someplace known only to sages and great wizards). They run like the wind through the izzuri tunnels in an attempt to head off the orcs before they arrive beneath the city of Frimmsreach with their dwarven slaves.

Given the hatred for the dwarves displayed by the norg it is a disturbing thought to ponder how these captives will be treated in that icy city.

While running through the tunnels the heroes begin to discover that they, like the other izzuri, possess unique abilities. Gul’Daryh discovers he can move objects with his mind. Sparruu makes lights with his hands. Frothgar is able to shield himself from some degree of harm. Quilliam can put people to sleep.

But Skat can’t seem to identify any special talents. Poor Skat!

The heroes make it to the main artery of the labyrinth, a tunnel leading to the city of Frimmsreach frequented by the orc slavers. They spend the next hour or more exploring the area and making plans for an ambush while waiting on the spell to wear off.

The terrain provides some assistance. Stalagmites abound. A large side cavern provides a hiding place. And a pool of dark water (home to…things…) gives Sparruu quite an idea. With the aid of Miana Musina’s trickster nature he will make the pool seem to be nothing more than a safe path and upon that path a helpless female form lying prone. As the orcs approach, drawn by the helpless figure, they will discover too late that they are stepping into a pool of water and come face-to-face with the pool’s unknown occupants.

Then all hell will break loose as the crack unit of adventurers unleashes their combined melee, magic, and missile might!

End of Episode #14

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