Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #17


Game Date: 07-29-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Frothgar, Argus
Supporting Cast: Quilliam, Skat, and 7 armored dwarves

The crew set out to investigate the cyclopean slavers’ meetpoint, an estimated day’s march through the slave tunnel. Bart Barrackbomb and Loots Doorbreaker remain at the stronghold to repair damage and make the journey back to the Rock Hardies to report. Brickwallow Stormshot and his dwarven companions Tankfellow Stormshot, Hulktall Stormshot, Bruiser Barrackbomb, Killminster Barrackbomb, Urfnozzle Doorbreaker, and Nabby Doorbreaker join the gang on their journey to foil the slavers.

Backtracking to the battle site is not difficult. The frequency of passing orc bands has thinned the inhabitants of this 20-mile stretch of tunnels. Upon reaching the battle site they discover three cyclopean orcs lying in wait. The pools of dark water bubble dangerously. A plan is executed and Quilliam puts the monsters to sleep. They dispatch two of the orcs and Sparruu attempts – unsuccessfully – to charm the survivor. Instead, the intimidation of dwarves forces the orc to reveal directions to the meetpoint along with timing for the meet. In 2 days time he says…turn right at the deep, deep pool he says.

Behind them the bubbling water begins to slosh…the creature of the black depths stirs. Leaving the orc tied and bleeding and unable to run they move ahead…his screams abruptly cut short behind them.

Miles pass and the crew comes upon a large cavernous opening in which the ceiling and walls glow orange, like a large lit candle. Sparruu’s curiosity leads him to approach some of the glowing goo clinging to the wall…and it promptly leaps onto and INTO his hand. Frothgar lays down a half-moon of oil and commands everyone to back up behind it. The orange goop, stinging, leaps from Sparruu to Gul’Daryh and then Argus.

The clumps of glowing globs slip down and coalesce into two humanoid figures of 10’ height! The semicircle of fire has no effect…sling stones seem to plop into goop. But Quilliam’s magic missile and Gul’Daryh’s ray of frost cause major malfunctions and, when followed up by Argus’ powerful axe…it is curtains for two of these globular goliaths!

Sparruu seeks the wisdom of Miana Musina and is convinced that retreat is the wisest choice. But the gang press on, Brickwallow grabbing the gnome and pulling him forward to rush past the beasts and continue on the journey through these dark tunnels.

Sparruu’s dark omen bears fruit as Nabby Doorbreaker, bravely charging the last of the orange beasts, is crushed between its massive fists. The dwarves are enraged. But soon Gul’Daryh compels the cursed sword of Orinth to slice an arm off the monster and Argus’ axe dispatches the last creature in a mighty blow that splits it in twain.

Shaken, the party collects the body of Nobby Doorbreaker and prepares to quit this foul cavern.

End of Episode 17.

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