Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #12


Game Date: 06-23-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Frothgar
Supporting Cast: Argus, Quilliam

The team makes their way down and round a rough-hewn flight of steps until they hear the unmistakable sounds of orcs arguing. Argus rushes forth, the others following behind him. Battle is joined in a very large, natural cavern.

Behind the cyclopean orcs comes a surly looking, angry dwarf who stops short of the fight and commands by divine right of Frimm that one of the orcs lie down and go to sleep…which is does.

Soon 3 of the orcs are dead from arrows and sling stones while the sleeping orc is tied up by the dwarf. Introductions are made. The dwarf is Frothgar, cleric of Frimm. The dwarf is angry for a good reason. He was traveling with 12 dwarves to join a dwarven stronghold in the underground of the north, part of a larger resistance to the norg of Frimmsreach. The cyclopean orc tribe, slavers, had raided the stronghold and then slaughtered his companions. He had fallen down a hole and was trying to make his way back to the battle site, which seemed to be above this cavern.

The tied up orc is questioned, threatened, and – when he kicked Frothgar’s knee and tried to escape – ultimately killed. Such is the short, crude life of evil creatures.

The group explore the room and find little of interest. They take the tunnel that the orcs came through and eventually come to the main vein of this underground network fully 100’ above the current location. Here they discover the battle site with scattered dead orcs and dwarves. Frothgar gives last rites to his brethren and burns their bodies with dignity, aided by Gul’Daryh’s simple fire cantrip. Sparruu grants last rites to the dead orcs…cursing them to a tormented afterlife.

Argus thinks he spots a critter…something small. But nothing is seen. They travel on, following the tunnel northward on the trail of perhaps 40 cyclopean orcs and their dwarven captives…all destined for the slave market at Frimmsreach.

Sparruu, granted the ability to detect evil for an hour by Miana Musian, spots orcs lying in ambush! The battle is short but an alarm horn is blown ahead. The orcs are alerted to the presence of enemies.

A small creature resembling a bipedal lizard steps out of the shadows, beckoning the PCs to follow. Sparruu detects no evil and happily concedes. The team is led down a small passage that the humans must crawl through until, after many twists and turns, they come to a room with other lizards. These lizards, who Gul’Daryh knows to be called the izzuri, are of various colors with crests and spots and other markings. Their leader seems to be one with a great red crest.

The izzuri who lead them down, who seems to be called Zoom, chats with his friends in a different language then asks the heroes (in common) if they would do a favor for the lizard folks in exchange for help stopping the orcs.

The team is asked to slay the longotha…the tentacle monster hiding in the stone pillar they encountered earlier. It could be the same one, or it could be a different one…the team is not sure. But the izzuri fear this monster and cannot seem to get rid of it. They are attempting to make the tunnels safer for their kind by carving more passages, more steps, and getting rid of dangerous monsters. They have cousins in the south who want to move north…can’t live with longathas.

An agreement is reached. The team will try to kill the monster.

But how?

End of Episode #12

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