Friday, June 13, 2014

Witch (another revision)

Took one more stab at creating a witch that felt right. My thing is I like to keep a character class limited to less than 500 words, in the spirit of B/X. Or as close as possible. And, in that same spirit, I like to use elements that already exist. So here's the latest witch revision...


Requirements: Wis 12, Cha 12
Prime Requisite: Wis, Cha
Hit Dice: 1d4

A witch is a female practitioner of ancient magic. Witches live alone or with other witches. They commune with natural spirits, create magic potions, and cast a variety of spells. Witches with a score of 13 or greater in both Wisdom and Charisma gain a 10% bonus on experience earned.

Witches may not wear armor and may only use the staff, dagger, and other small weapons (sling, blackjack, etc.) when casting spells.

Witches progress in saving throws, attack values, spell progression, and levels as magic-users. They are able to learn magic-user, cleric, or druid spells of the following types: summoning, divination, charming, and transformation. Witches rely heavily on prepared components for their spells and do not require the use of spellbooks. The casting of a spell represents the use of prepared components which must be replenished before the spell can be cast again. If a witch fails a saving throw against a physical attack or trap she must also make a saving throw for her spell bag, magic sack, or whatever she carries her components in. On a failed roll one of the components to a random spell will be lost and the spell cannot be cast until she has a chance to prepare another batch. Witches are good at cobbling together components from found items and from the wild.


Commune with Spirits: Once per day a witch may attempt to summon an otherworldly entity into a magic circle, gaining the ability to question it exactly like the spell contact other plane. To summon, the witch must pass a saving throw vs. spells, adding her Charisma modifier. The entity, usually a spirit or minor demon, is trapped in the circle and cannot affect the world outside it. The witch may adjust one of the three conditions of the spell to her benefit by an amount equal to her level (knowing, truthfulness, or chance of insanity).

Familiar: A witch may summon a familiar, per the spell, at any time when she does not already have one. The familiar will arrive within 1d4 turns and will have HD equal to 1/2 the witch's level.

Flight: In addition to all other spells, witches of any level may cast the magic-user spell fly once per day and an additional time per day for every 3 levels of experience (3, 6, 9, etc.).

Potions: A witch can create a number of potions per month equal to her level + Wisdom modifier. The player may select potions from the Labyrinth Lord Potions table, or from other sources made available by the LL. A witch has a 10% chance per level of being able to identify a potion.

Grimoire: A witch may create a grimoire or "book of secrets" that only she is allowed to read. Having a secret book gives the witch a 2-in-6 chance of being able to cast an additional spell per day or she may create 1 additional potion per month (player choice). If the book is discovered by anyone else and opened the witch loses these benefits as well as suffering 1 permanent hit point loss. Creating a new book reverses these effects, but takes 1d4 days to complete.

Skyclad: When naked, the witch is wrapped in natural magic. She gains saving throw bonuses equal to half her level (rounded down). In this mode the witch may wear no more than 1 piece of jewelry or other accoutrement.

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