Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #10


Game Date: 06-09-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Quilliam
Supporting Cast: Argus, Sideth, Bolgart

Sparruu is being dragged into darkness by an unknown threat while Argus chases after. The others scramble down the rope to the cavern floor in pursuit.

The tentacle pulls our gnomish hero to a cavern room with a pillar of stone at the center. Various tentacles wiggle from holes in the pillar, seeking to drag prey – broken if necessary – into a cavity at the pillar’s heart. Inside the cavity lurks the potato-like body of this fiend! Blades glance off the stone and cut into the tender tentacle flesh. Argus cleaves a tentacle in half. Quilliam zaps it with a magic missile.

With the help of the barbarian’s muscles the team is freed from the grasp of the creature. Sparruu tosses oil at one of the holes, splashing over the surface of the column instead. But no matter…Skat tosses a lit torch and engulfs the column in flame! The crew flee the room, Argus lingering long enough to take a barbaric (and stupid) swipe at the stone pillar.

Our heroes rest for a moment back on the broken stairs before descending further to a series of zig-zag landings bearing ancient reliefs of Vell the Night Owl…a god of the West. This zig-zag leads them to a very long, wide temple chamber that appears to be abandoned. Each side is lined with sets of ornate columns revealing ancient stories of Vell’s exploits against the rat and mouse gods. Running along the center of the room are three small pools of still water. Argus, being unwise, drinks from one. But the others do not notice anything strange…the water seems safe?

At the end of the room is a ten foot tall statue of Vell at the base of a set of stairs leading up to three shut doors of stone and iron. The statue’s eyes peer to the right and a single odd feather sticks up in the middle, pointing behind the statue.

The heroes approach the third door, the half-orc Bloggart, following along at the behest of his master Lara the Sky Reader, seeming uninterested. The gnomes look the door over and see nothing amiss. Sparruu reaches out to turn the handle…and a ghostly owl swoops down from the ceiling toward him, attempting to rip out his very soul! But Sparruu is quick and lucky.

They back away from the door, uncertain how to proceed. Argus strolls up to the first door and grabs the handle after Sparruu suggests drinking from the pool may have made him immune to the traps. Nothing happens, though the door is locked. Skat applies his craft to the lock and the door comes open, leading the party into a hallway that appears to be of dwarven design. Strange in these parts…

Nothing is found among the dwarven rooms, though the hall ends abruptly.

Back on the landing, they consider the middle door. It comes open easily and seems to lead down a hall similar to door #1. But something is not right. Sparruu holds Argus back from entering. He has a funny feeling about it. He decides to climb the statue of Vell and mess with that odd feather.

The feather moves, the doors shut. A click is heard from the third door that previously summoned the ghostly owl. Gul’Daryh bravely opens the door…and it leads up and into a large round room filled with books.

And rat-like automaton guards that come to life and menace the party!

Bloggart the half-orc runs back down the steps to the door, which has shut on its own. He grabs the handle and the ghostly owl re-appears, ripping the soul from his body.

Our heroes have been placed in a dangerously precarious situation!

End of Episode #10

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