Saturday, June 21, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #11


Game Date: 06-16-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Quilliam
Supporting Cast: Argus, Sideth

The rat-things surround our heroes in the old, circular library room. Argus, having been attacked first, is flat on his back and out of the fight. Daggers are thrown, darts are thrown, and arrows are loosed. The melee commences with most of the party taking hits, some of them significant. Sparruu, praying for help from Miana Musina, finds his deity rather silent over and over again. Could it be that he/she wants no part of the Temple of Vell? Is this a message that Sparruu is on the wrong path?

Quilliam is confronted with one of the automatons and his dagger is shattered by the creature’s powerful bite. Skat is quick on his feet, dispatching the threat with a well-placed backstab. Gul’Daryh’s arrows go wide but eventually the team manages to destroy their enemies and end the fight none-too-soon.

Licking their wounds they suddenly realize Sideth, the rather quiet witch, is no long with them. Did she enter the room at all? Is she on the other side of the door? A mystery.

Searching the library they find a long-dead body dressed in simple robes and carrying a large, blank book. Lying next to him is a pair of spectacles. Putting them on they suddenly see words on the blank book. Quilliam and Gul’Daryh surmise the book is a large treatise on the casting of one particular spell…the nature of which is not known.

They find a book of spells that nearly kills Sparruu upon picking the lock holding it shut. They find a ring that allows them to read and understand many languages…but as Quilliam learns the ring creates such a hunger for reading that it is a struggle of will just to take it off and stop. Best left in the pocket for now.

Further searching reveals a hidden door. A bookshelf swivels to reveal a small reading room with a shelf of more unusual books. The back of this room was breeched. The wall is in ruin and a crude stairway has been carved on the other side. In this room Gul’Daryh discovers a strange spellbook of unknown contents.

The heroes decide to rest. Gul’Daryh lights a torch and sings his firesong to bring much-needed restoration to the tired party.

The next morning sounds emanate from the reading room. Upon entering they find nothing but it seems the books are in disarray. Someone was there. They head through the broken wall and down the steps to a deep underground pool in which Sparruu recognizes there is great evil. They press on past the pool, deeper into this labyrinth…

End of Episode #11

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