Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #9


Game Date: 05-26-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat, Quilliam
Supporting Cast: Argus, Sideth, Bolgart

Argus, drunk and sick on Olliman’s Mystical Mana Juice™, has racked up a 150 gp debt. Sparruu dips into the barbarian’s funds to pay it off and explains to the norg how they discovered the dead norg’s body back in the Ice Forest. Nothing much comes of it. The norg don’t seem to have cared for the one they called Bara the Sky Sweeper. They suggest going to see his sister, Lara the Sky Reader. They take the norg axe that Argus was carrying along with the gold and are on their way.

Quilliam, a travelling mage in search of knowledge, has come to old Raferta’s tent to seek wisdom. She quickly suggests he should join our intrepid heroes on their quest to find the dreaded ganguth. He readily agrees.

The team head to Nani’s Room and Board where they get some relatively cheap rooms and promptly dump the vomit-stinking Argus onto a bed (after Gul’Daryh’s cantrip cleans him up a bit). Discussions are had, plans made. Sideth admits to having a peculiar sense of something important deep within the ganguth's lair. She wants to go back and look into it.

The next morning they set out, purchase a new axe for Argus, have one final meeting with old Raferta, and head south, backtracking to the ganguth’s lair.

Some frost coyotes aside, the team finds little trouble in this journey and are soon picking their way through the lair, across the deadly ice bridge, and back into the gaudy demesnes of the foul monster. They find it ransacked, cleaned out, mostly emptied. Through the back door they go with Argus in the lead.

Crack! The ancient stairs of stone and ice cave in, sending the strapping barbarian 20’ down into a dark cavern. Sparruu shimmies down a rope to check on the boy. Moments later some unknown threat snatches the gnome by the ankle and drags him rapidly into darkness…

End episode #9.

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