Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #7

Episode #7

Game Date: 05-12-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat
Supporting Cast: Norgyl, Oda, Urtel, Argus, Sideth

The party makes off with the treasures of the ganguth – two locked chests to be opened at a later time. Outside the dreaded ice cavern the battered heroes take a rest in the hilly forest. But sleep is interrupted as a large herd of snow-white deer come barreling down the hillside…spooked by an unknown force. The hooves of the beasts are as silent as snow falling on snow.

The herd passes through the camp and in the confusion Utrel’s emerald necklace falls to the ground. The large man starts to behave erratically, desperately searching for it. When Oda comes to calm him he knocks her into a tree and the others notice his visage shifting into that of a demonic entity. The Urtel they knew transforms hideously into a beast and there is much grappling and loosing of arrows. The creature gets its hands on the necklace and tears it apart, threatening to kill everyone and finish Oda last (with a disturbing glimmer in his red eyes).

The party descends upon the creature and do it serious harm. The creature warns them…”You are killing HIM, you know…” But there is nothing for it.

A red mist escapes the creature’s ears, nose, mouth, and eyes like a soul leaking into the ether…and Utrel, once more himself, collapses to the ground. Through blood he smiles…”Sorry…” he says. And then he dies. Sparruu’s healing cannot help him. He is gone.

They gather wood and give Urtel a proper funeral pyre. Sparruu officiates, speaking words of praise for the brave-but-unskilled hulk of a man.

Later, after a proper rest, the party treks on, gathering the various treasures they stashed on the route from the main road to the ice cavern. During this walk Argus and Norgyl argue. Argus was sold into slavery several years ago and the family has not heard from him since. Norgyl wants to know where’s he’s been and what happened to him. Argus is short and uninterested in conversation. “I escaped those idiot slavers a long time ago. But this brand on my neck marks me. The one-eyed orc slavers thought they could handle me too. Hah! I showed them.”

Argus offers no thanks for his rescue.

Back at the spice wagon, they manage to get the two trunks open. Out of one springs four frail skeletons…a shocking but ineffective deterrent. The empty chest is shoved to the side and its twin opened…revealing potions, daggers, rings, and furry gloves!

The treasure is divided. It is agreed upon that the party will tug the spice wagon to Frimmsreach where they will seek some respite from an arduous journey through the Ice Forest and beyond.

But will Oda and Norgyl join? Will they be stuck with the arrogant, brash Argus as an adventuring companion?

End of Episode #7.


  1. Clearly the answer to all our problems is to turn in Argus as an escaped slave, accept our reward, and then go about our business.

  2. Hah. Then there's the counter argument: he's a great big lug of a barbarian meat shield who likes adventure.