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Frimmsreach Episode #6

Episode #6

Game Date: 05-05-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat
Supporting Cast: Norgyl, Oda, Urtel, Argus, Sideth

Our intrepid heroes enter the ice cavern, searching for Argus, brother of Norgyl. The steps are slick and poor Urtel, not the most coordinated guy in the world, slips and tumbles down to the bottom. They find him dangling from an orc spear lodged into the side of a narrow ice bridge…over a bottomless chasm.

There is a way across. A cart on the other side is attached to a chain and it rides along the narrow bridge. Skat uses a great length of rope to secure himself to the chain and bravely walks across the slick bridge then ties the rope to the cart. In this way the entire party is able pull the cart over and use it to pull themselves across.

The cave’s treacherous ice gives them no quarter and several party members slide down into darkness, landing painfully in a bed of icicles. Not a total loss…a handful of gold and a few weapons are recovered from the poor saps who came before.

The tunnel leading down from the chasm terminates at a great iron door, which the party opens, all weapons at the ready. Inside is a deadly scene. Two large rat-men hold a small girl hostage, knife to her throat. She cries out for help. Gul’Daryh lets fly an arrow, knocking one of the brutes to the ground.

But something is amiss. Sparruu and Skat think this is not what it seems. And when the rat thing hits the ground it seems to shimmer for a moment then turn into a small white-haired woman! Sparruu weaves some divine magic and puts a bit of faerie fire on the rat-thing and the girl. The magic lends some clue as to their true nature, revealing that the rat-man is just a man and the little girl is not such a little girl.

The illusion is broken, a snake-haired medusa stands before them penetrating the party with her terrifying gaze. Oda, Gul’Daryh, and Urtel stand transfixed, unable to move, seeing only her sinister eyes. The others shake off the effect and fly into action. Daggers are thrown, axes are wielded, and Sparruu sports the mirror he found on the dead Norg back in the Ice Forest.

The creature wheels around and comes face-to-face with her own image! She is unable to withstand her own gaze…Norgyl’s axe then takes her head neatly off.

Indeed, the man standing beside the creature is Argus, Norgyl’s brother! This huge blonde barbarian seems aloof, haughty, and less impressed to see his family than one might expect.

The white-haired girl, Sideth, is healed by Sparruu’s magic. Behind them is another iron door behind which, they surmise, is something the snake witch called “Master” (but turns out to be “Mister”). Sideth wants nothing to do with it and suggests leaving immediately. Others echo her sentiment. But bold Argus flings open the door as is his wont.

Inside is a strange scene. The large room is filled with all manner of decorative chairs and tables, dressing tables, armoires, vases, paintings, books and other fine things. Yet they are all decrepit, dirty, broken, even faked. Sitting among these things is a tall and lurching creature with a long hooked nose. He is wearing ratty clothes that once were fine. He speaks strangely, using words that don’t make sense, seeming to put on an air of intellectual power. His words have sinister charm and Sparruu seems to be taken by them, accepting cake and tea offered by the creature’s tiny goblin slaves.

But no one else buys it. The gig is up when Oda hurls her spear and the creature bursts out of its suit, tooth and claw and full of rage! Spells are flung, axes swung, daggers thrown! Sparruu recovers the dead medusa’s head…a desperate ploy to use her magic against her master. But it does not work…alas the magic seems spent.

Soon the tall creature’s wounds seem to take a toll. Just as Gul’Daryh reads an incantation from a magic scroll the monster mutters “So much for dinner.” In a puff of black smoke it vanishes without a trace!

A trap door is found and Sparruu springs the trap, taking a javelin to the chest. But the tough gnome persists. Two chests are recovered from the cubby hole under the door.

Another door leads out and further into the labyrinth…but our heroes are tired and sore. Perhaps another day?

End of Episode #6.

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  1. Yeah, next episode is definitely rest up and count loot. We also need to do something about how Argus appears to be something of a bag-o-dicks.