Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #5

Episode #5

Game Date: 04-28-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat
Supporting Cast: Norgyl, Oda, Urtel

Tossing the orc camp, the group finds a few arrows of ill construction and some scattered coins. In the large lean-to they discover the chopped up remains of Li and Odur, the spice merchants. Gul’Daryh grants these remains a proper and dignified burial in the ice and snow.

Meanwhile Skat pops open the orc chief’s cleverly trapped chest to discover the bulk of the small tribe’s ill-gotten gains: a sack of coins, a green-glowing magic dagger, a moon ring, Li and Odur’s magic bowl and spoon, a large emerald, 9 small gems, and an arcane scroll.

As darkness descends the party discovers the tracks of a large group of orcs leading out of the camp to the north. Perhaps the chief and his stalwarts set out to chase the barbarian (possibly Argus!). The crew set out after the orcs.

A few hours of tracking through the snow brings them to a small valley in which lies a large, round cave opening. Seven of the red orcs, including the chief, lie in wait nearby watching the cave. Sparruu and Skat overhear the orcs discussing the matter. There is talk of a “snake witch” and something called a “ganguth”. It is surmised that the barbarian and his mysterious female companion entered the dark cavern, possibly followed by as many as 7 orcs.

Plans are hatched as normal. Sparruu successfully draws several orcs away as the others circle around in an attempt to gain access to the cave. The orc chief makes his situation worse by splitting his own team and our heroes are able to engage the orcs in smaller sets, picking them off rather easily. Skat lands a perfectly executed dagger throw against the fleeing orc chief while Gul’Daryh rains arrows upon orcs that approach him from downhill.

The white snow runs red and the party is victorious. Urtel, who has been rather quiet, is granted the 2-handed sword carried by the orc chief. He swings it wildly, unskilled in its use.

The gang of six stand at the 12’ tall round mouth of the ice cavern…

End of Episode #5.

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