Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #1

Each Episode is a 2 hour Labyrinth Lord play session over Skype or other interweb services.


Game Date: 03-31-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh

Supporting Cast: Norgyl and Oda the barbarian couple

As Sparruu, Norgyl, and Oda prepare to enter the Ice Forest they are unaware of being followed by a pack of 6 frost coyotes. Gul’Daryh, who has tracked the creatures across many miles, engages the beasts, killing one with an arrow. Norgyl and Oda rush to help him as Sparruu makes a lethal backstab against the coyote’s leader. Once the alpha is down the rest of the creatures break and run, tails tucked.

The travelers introduce themselves to Gul’Daryh and accept his help going into the dreaded Ice Forest, an alleged short cut to the great city of Frimmsreach where Norgyl's brother Argus is held slave.

The Forest is known to be a maze with lethal threats but Oda has a bag of 13 magic frogs that could lead the way at every turn.

Inside the forest they find an empty igloo which seems to be a kind of safe house. It is noted that the legends speak of such safe houses through the forest. Soon the band are assaulted by a screaming wind creature which Gul’Daryh successfully lulls with his potent Windsong. The group rushes ahead while they have time and, at their 3rd turn come upon a 10’ tall body lying next to a wooden bench. This matches a series of tracks the half-elf has already discovered.

End of Episode #1.

The spell Windsong comes from Theorems & Thaumaturgy (hereafter Th&Th).

New monster: Frost Coyote

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