Sunday, April 20, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #2

Each Episode is a 2 hour Labyrinth Lord play session over Skype or other interweb services.


Game Date: 04-07-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh
Supporting Cast: Norgyl, Oda, Urtel

The intrepid heroes investigate a 10’ tall Norg lying prone next to a bench in the Ice Forest. Turns out he’s stone cold dead, despite Sparruu’s best efforts to check for signs of life. On his person they find some dried goat meat, a small vial of yellow liquid, a mirror, 17 gold coins, a battle axe, and an odd map that appears to be magical.

Gul’Daryh believes the vial contains some form of potion related to poison.

The map shows the Ice Forest with a faint orange path traced out. This path seems to line up with the party’s current route as dictated by Oda’s magic frogs. Other paths seem to change periodically when you’re looking at them, leading the party to assume this is a magical map.

The Norg’s necklace, an indicator of his identity and station, is taken in order to present it to the Norg of Frimmsreach and his body is cleverly covered in snow near the bench for easy retrieval.

The party presses on, using the magic frogs to check the logic of the map, which appears to be logical. Things would be going smoothly but for the circling, wailing, cloud-like monstrosities that threaten our party. The threats come to a head and, when Gul’Daryh climbs a tree for a better look, battle is joined!

The cloud-like monstrosities feel the wrath of Gnomish sling-stones as Sparruu proves they are mortal. But the Gnome feels the cold as the eerie song of these white wailers freezes him in place, along with Oda and Norgyl. Gul’Daryh shakes off the cold and sings his own Windsong, causing the remaining creature to become docile…giving him time to scramble up a tree and do some Burning Hands action.

Long story short, Norgyl, freed from his icy paralysis, uses the dead Norg’s axe to dispatch the final white wailer. The party is shaken, wounded, and their health significantly drained. They press on as quickly as possible, Norgyl carrying his unconscious wife, until they reach one of the safe igloos scattered throughout the Ice Forest.

However this igloo is not empty. An ugly, misshapen man occupies it, threatening to kill them all for disturbing him. Sparruu applies his Bedazzling powers – beginning to reveal his nature as a cleric of Miana Musina. The charmed man, named Urtel, vacates the premises under the promise that better igloos of a “royal” nature are nearby. The party moves in, finding the man’s fertility goddess statue and a dirty sock.

Urtel comes back but the heroes and the ugly man come to a peaceful agreement to share the igloo. They get a solid and extended rest, feeling the warm healing magic of the igloo revive them to full potential.

End of Episode #2.

New monster: White Wailer

New NPC: Urtel, a very ugly, large human with an axe of poor quality.

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