Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #4

Episode #4

Game Date: 04-21-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Skat
Supporting Cast: Norgyl, Oda, Urtel

Excited and scared by the prospect that his brother Argus may be near, Norgyl rushes south down the road in search of the last place the cyclopean orcs may have been. The party, battered from recent battles, accompanies.

They soon find a wagon seemingly abandoned on the road, it's beast of burden, a hairy pig-like creature, dead before it. Sparruu stealthily takes a closer look to find blood and signs of battle. Inside, he finds Skat...a rather confused gnome waking up with a nasty bruise on his head. The orcs had attacked the wagon, knocking him out.

Skat had been traveling with two human men who he believed to be wizards called Li and Odur, spice merchants. Afraid for his companions, Skat is eager to find out what happened to them. Gul'Daryh determines that orcs carried their victims off the road to the north.

The group hides the wagon in a snow drift and, upon Skat's suggestion, takes some of the spices...which seem to have peculiar properties. Sparruu's experimentation determines that the red spice burns the eyes, though not magically. The blue spice seems to have the power to heal. The purple spice makes you blind. And the gold spice doesn't seem to have any particular properties besides being quite tasty.

Recon reveals a small orc encampment nearby to the north. The orcs have constructed semi-permanent lean-tos. After getting some much-needed rest the team set out to see if the lost humans and perhaps Argus himself are being held by the orcs. Alas, they discover the orcs have already killed poor Li and Odur and are going to have them for dinner. But there is no sign of Argus.

A well-laid plan is hatched. Unfortunately Skat is not as silent as he would like to have been and Gul'Daryh's magic is...unpredictable. Battle ensues amid an inexplicable swarm of bees, the result of arcane misfiring. While Skat struggles to deal with a stubborn orc, temporarily blinded by a dash of the red spice, Sparruu handily dispatches several orcs on the backside of the encampment. Gul'Daryh blinds several orcs with the purple spice and engages the rest in battle while Norgyl, Oda, and Urtel deal with the orc guards below the lean-tos.

The battle is short. The orcs do not prevail. One orc remains living and Norgyl stays the killing blow of Skat to ask it about his brother. The orc, half-blind and wounded, reveals that the spice merchants are indeed for supper but the barbarian Argus - and a "small woman" - escaped the orc chief's captivity. Rather than betray his chief the orc makes a break for it...and feels Gul'Daryh's arrow mercifully take him down.

The party is battered once more as they begin to examine the orc camp for clues and, perhaps, a bit of ill-gotten treasures.

End of Episode #4.

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