Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hellion Cross

I might be hitting the critical mass or event horizon on a new Troika! romp kit. Working title is "Hellion Cross", third in the Cozmos series that includes such ancient classics as Supercalla and Cozmic Metal Heads.

For this one I'm presenting a seedy little backroads location called Hellion Cross and the 36 scoundrels, wanderers, barbarians, and wayward robots who might be there. This one is a little less laser-focused on a theme or setting as the Hellion Cross location is only loosely sketched in. Mostly this is about the 36 backgrounds and will include some random tables for running romps through the Coz along the old Supercalla Highway.

I'm working from existing backgrounds that I had on the cutting room floor plus new ones inspired by various pieces of art. The art is mostly coming from existing sketches and little drawings I had lying around that were unused in a publication. Like... if I have a cool looking robot sketch then I'm finishing it up and turning it into a background. Because this shit is fun and honestly I need to make a book because I'm having withdrawal.

Priest of the Upper Ocular Cavity

Priest of the Upper Ocular Cavity

Two middle fingers up and you are favored by the Cavity. But if the devil horns are brought to bear then woe to you and yours, for the Cavity's Eye will be upon you until your dying days.

-Coif of the Mind (blocks mental probings)
-The Ocular Habit (hard, course, armour 1)
-Cavity Staff
-Sack of Vitreous Fluid

2 Upper Eye Sees You
1 Spell (Cavity Staff): Know Intentions
2 Spell (Cavity Staff): Obscure Vision
1 Spell (Random)
1 Spell (Random)
1 Spell (Random)
1 Staff

Alcohol, tea, and the juices of fruits and tubers are prohibited, as are most pleasures of the flesh. Life is hard. Cavity staff spells can only be cast with the cavity staff, naturally.


Lightning Monk

Petty Thief


  1. Art seems central to the Troika aesthetic --- nobody seems to put backgrounds out there without art of weirdness. I'll have to use stick figures for mine. ;)

    1. I think you can do a backgrounds book with limited art or no art at all. Just means the prose and design needs to be pretty sharp!