Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Smell of Tavern Wenches

The smell of old comics!

I haven't read this entire issue of Conan. In fact, I'm a Savage Sword man so I pretty much turned my nose up at the color Conan comics. Those were for kids! They were rated PG.

It's funny though. Here Conan is in a bar being hit on by a hottie that "works here". They do everything they can to skirt around the fact that she's a prostitute and that they are going to get it on. Instead, they go somewhere to "talk". lol

Whose idea was it to make Conan fit into a line of books sold to kids anyway? I mean... I'm not complaining. Some nice covers came out of it. And probably some cool stories too. I wouldn't know. I was busy reading Savage Sword of Conan where there was boobs and shit.


  1. Oh yes. Savage Sword and the original Howard, not edited by L.Sprague DeCamp, are the best of that character. Fer sure.

    I know almost nothing about the Marvel color line though. I have a enough Savage and Howard though to keep me busy. I read a ton of the ones from the 80's/90's, including the Robert Jordan Conan books. They were great when I was young, but I'm more selective now in my old age (early 40's, lol)

  2. I loved the “adult nature” of the Savage Sword of Conan magazine back in the day. Now we can put the boobs and shit into our campaigns. Tastefully.

  3. Believe it or not, a lot of us kids had a good imagination when these comics came out, didn't need to actually see it, that's what dad's Playboy stash in the garage of shop was for. Don't know about today, I haven't been a kid since then. (I still have that comic in my collection I'm sure LOL)