Monday, November 30, 2020

Ten Islands of Rone

Here are ten islands of Rone. I named them and gave them each a small description for the game. Eventually, if luck holds, I'll produce a nice little RPG book out of this and expand on each, with some cool maps and such.


Small island with cavern system and a tower. Lair of Murkwand the wizard, if legend holds. Waters home to lonely sea serpent Issidor - said to be a lover of Murkwand unjustly transformed into a beast.


Two hillocks rise from the waters, a great stone arch joining them. Arch is filled with chambers once dedicated to the arts but of late inhabited by strange interdimensional travelers confused about where they arey.


Once a vast, picturesque isle. Now a ruin of moss and decay. Who knows what dangers lurk in the chambers and corridors long forgotten by mortal eyes?


High and stoic, the Watch is home to the Watcher - a singular figure of great power and deep wisdom. Those who come here seek knowledge but few are prepared to pay the price.


A gnarly old isle lately occupied by knobby, gray bandits.


The Old Egg lies still. The people of Keepsake ensure it remains that way.


Remnants of a once-mighty palace sacred to the Queen herself. Now half-submerged and completely lost to foulness and monstrosities.


The giant turtles surround it. A mad witch yet roams its tower.


What is that droning sound that wafts across the mist-winds? What shadow passes before that high doorway?


Six old towers, half-drowned. Bridges and lights and civilization. The smell of baked bread and wine? But will they welcome a traveler or toss them into the watery dungeons?

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