Sunday, May 17, 2020

Musical Musings: Gaskin

Here's another odd old heavy rock find. The album starts out letting you know exactly what you're in for with a straight up 1981 heavy metal/rock riff that makes your Camaro start without a key. The rest isn't bad. I'll have to give another spin but I didn't hate it. There's a cowbell. And the bass player can be heard, which is super cool. Too many albums in the mid to late 80s decided we don't need no stinking bass for some fucked up reason. I blame Metallica. Fuckin' Metallica.

But the cover art. Hmm.. "End of the World" is the title and we see two people who seem to be huddling near burning houses. Who is burning their house? Nay, ALL the houses. And why are they in their undies? Were they awakened from sleep and rushed out to avoid the flames?

And then you see it. You zoom in and you see it clearly. That chick is topless. WHY is that chick topless? I guess we'll have to email Danny Flynn and ask him. Like, did the band request she be topless? I'm not complaining, Danny. You know me. I'm all about it. But it's kind of weird, right?

Oh, and we can see the white dove of peace flying away. So is this wartime? If so, how inefficient is it to go around burning individual rural homes? Takes serious dedication. Maybe they're using smart bombs. Fuckers.

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