Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sean Aaberg

I'm trying to think of words that describe Sean Aaberg's art, to me. Here are some words off the top of my head that I believe fit: garish, lurid, loud, underground, comix, punk, metal, rude, ugly, beautiful, sexy, and badass. They all fit.

I love this art. It speaks to me on so many levels. I am, at heart, a base motherfucker. I like my lowbrow. I like fun stuff. I like stuff that isn't trying to be clean and pretty and nice*. Sean's art does it for me in a big way.

Man, I should try to score some copies of PORK. Makes me pine for my old small press days when people traded zines through the mail like candy.

*Which is odd because I'm not a fan of gore. So while I'm all into an ugly looking wizard or witch, if you throw maggots and vomit into the mix I'm not quite as interested. I can handle it to some degree... particularly when it is cartoonish, as in Sean's work. But a fan of grotesque horror in general I am not.

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