Sunday, March 31, 2024

Artists I Like: Hank Van Brunt

The artists series continues...

Hank Van Brunt is to comics and art what butter knives are to peanut butter.

Hank's work is weird in that when I started seeing it on Instagram, I thought there was a comic book. Almost everything he posts appears to be part of a comic book. But these are really just scenes and moments in a greater narrative that is hinted at but never actually revealed. A single image with a single caption tells a POTENTIAL story. Since I've always been greatly attracted to potentialities, I'm greatly attracted to Hank's creations.

Most of his work centers on the motley crew of the Bad George, a space ship. The main characters are Gopy, Hank (a self-insert?), Djenny, Gresmatch, Aluzza, and Isambard. There's also Princess Aspartame as well as a bunch other wild ass characters.

I like how Hank just kind of draws things, adds a bit of narrative to it, and rolls on to something else. It feels like we're just catching glimpses of a much bigger story.

His art is lovely. It appears to be drawing completely digitally and I think he take full advantage of the digital canvas to make his colors pop. Did I mention this guy can draw the BEST sci-fi ships and vehicles and devices? I want you to look at some of these images closely and notice the little details. Has anyone drawn better twisted phone cords in the history of art?


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