Sunday, March 3, 2024

Another Helping on the Stove?

It's true. I finished issue 8 of Black Pudding, which means I have enough for Heavy Helping Volume 2. Of course I can't just slap them together as-is... I need to remix, organize, adjust, and add-on. This takes time and inspiration. I'm working on it.

Timing? Oh you sly dog. Asking me questions I can't answer! Stay tuned.

Details are thin, but here's where it's going right now.

• All the content of issues 5-8, including the covers.

• Content arranged into categories the same way Vol 1 was organized.

• Maybe a master index of all BP content with the issue and page and the HH vol and page for easy ref.

• Roll up tables! Expanded to include as many classes as possible, monster tables, etc.

• New content. I have some pages in the bag that I could save for issue 9 but I have no idea when that will be a thing so I might just add them into HH Vol 2.