Saturday, July 3, 2021

Rock Hardy Book of Dwarfs (Idea)

I'm working on a dwarf book. Working title is The Rock Hardy Book of Dwarfs, but that might change. My concept is to make this a black and white PDF and POD 48 pager. It is possibly the first in a series of setting books that very crudely describe my "traditional" fantasy setting of Yria. Basically most of what you find in the pages of Black Pudding would fit here.

Right now the book is at 9,000 words with a loose target of 10,000. So I could stop any time, clean it up, and finish the art. Like everything I do, this is meant to be an idea packet, an inspirational booklet. It will not be "complete" in any sense. It will be broad strokes, heavy on color.

The Rock Hardies are a mountain range in Yria where redneck dwarfs dwell. They like to fight, make and drink beer, and think of ways to win back their ancestral city of Frimmsreach.

All of this is subject to change per my whims. But as it stands, the book is compatible with B/X (Old School Essentials). It includes a lot of dwarf social stuff, beer, mountain monsters, etc. I certainly have toyed with the idea of making it a Troika! book or putting a Labyrinth Lord logo on it. Or even some other game engine or even completely system neutral. But honestly this was always meant to be a B/X setting* and I can't think of a compelling reason not to follow through on that.

I'll post more when I have more.

And yes, the Supercalla follow up is still on the table. Hellion Cross will see its day.

*B/X with a healthy smattering of advanced material, natch.


  1. Looks pretty awesome, James.

    BTW: your “B/X Campaign Setting Challenge” from back in January 2016? You know…back when G+ was a thing? Looks like I’ll finally be publishing mine in the near future. Just waiting on the last 2-3 pieces of art.

    It only took (*sigh*) five years.

    One of these days I’ll learn to draw myself.

    1. Oh sweet! I forgot about that. I think my inspiration was to say "let's make 64 page B/X setting books". Of course the page count is not necessary... I was just riffing on my nostalgia for that format. What's your book?

  2. A 64 page B/X setting, based heavily on the old Realms of Chaos books from Games Workshop. Not the most original idea, but one I enjoyed doing.

    1. Enjoying doing it will make it a better book.

  3. Love your Black Puddings stuff for BX Own it all in pdf and print! More More More!